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1. An Alphabetical Index of Benedict Arnold's Men from Expedition to Quebec

My book Voices from a Wilderness Expedition contains a list of the men by company and the sources that I used to place each name on the list. I did not have enough space in the book for this alphabetical list.

Click here to view or download an alphabetical listing of the 1,125 names of the men who served in Arnold's expedition to Quebec.


2. Additional Names and Corrections to Quebec Roster



 3. NEW: (2013).  Identification of Journal Author of Anonymous Journal which was listed in my book. At the time of publication, I did not know who had written the journal. Thanks to Steve Burk who did most of the research to discover who actually wrote the journal. Our joint article was published in Earley America Review in 2013 AND CAN BE ACCESSED PER BELOW.

See Article Regarding "Anonymous Journalist on Arnold's March to Quebec..."   in Early America Review, Winter/Spring, 2013 in Articles Section of this web site.


 4. NEW: (January 23, 2015).   Just found a reference for an early publication of the Journal of Return J. Meigs. It was in the issue of the Edinburgh Evening Courant, Monday, November 18, 1776.  This journal is a different version from the Massachusetts Historical Society version which is referenced in my book. An important new find for those interested in the Arnold expedition.


5.  NEW: (March 31, 2017).   Many thanks to Mark Sullivan who contacted me about an Arnold Expedition journal written by Freeman Judd and Daniel Judd which I had never heard of before. Mark provided me with a reference from the November 12, 1949 Antiquarian Bookman which has a listing from Old Corner Bookstore in Boston as follows:

Freeman and Daniel Judd. Journal of the Expedition to Quebec (Under Benedict Arnold, 1775-1776).


Obviously some number of copies of the transcription of this journal was published and sold to the public and the Old Corner Bookstore had a copy for sale. According to Sylvester Judd, who wrote a history of the Judd family in 1854, the journal had been published prior to the time he wrote his book. If anyone out there reads this and has any information on the journal please contact me.



1. Review Of My Valcour Island Book in VERMONT HISTORY. Vol. 82, No. 2 Summer/Fall 2014. Pages 155-156. Review by H. Nicholas Muller III.

"This clearly organized and well-written volume brings together the fundamental information that any new analysis and account of the important October 1776 action on Lake Champlain must consult. Stephen Darley has brought together his long interest, research, and writing about Benedict Arnold INTO A VERY USEFUL BOOK."



1. Sybil Ludington's 1834 Declaration

Click here to read: Sibel_Ludington_1834_Statement.pdf


2. Alphabetical listing of men in Danbury Alarm

 Click here to read: Listing_of_Men_in_Danbury_Alarm-alphabetical.pdf


3. ¶ BOOK AWARD §    CALL TO ARMS: THE PATRIOT MILITIA IN THE 1777 BRITISH RAID ON DANBURY, CONNECTICUT.  Honorable Mention Award from Connecticut Society of Genealogists in their 2015 Literary Award Contest. Presented at the Society Annual Meeting on May 16, 2015.


4.BOOK REVIEW### Call to Arms: The Patriot Militia in the 1777 British Raid on Danbury, Connecticut, was reviewed in the Connecticut Genealogy News, Summer 2015. p. 25.

"This book is a worthy read not only to expand the reader's knowledge of the Danbury, Connecticut environs and how their men fought to stop the British, but also to flesh out a genealogist's narrative with exciting skirmish accounts... This is a book that can be read simply for the pleasure of historical reading or one used by serious researchers."


5. BOOK REVIEW*** Most recent book, Call to Arms: The Patriot Militia in the 1777 British Raid on Danbury, Connecticut, was reviewed in the Fall 2015 issue of Connecticut History Review, pp. 314-316. This journal is published by The Association for the Study of Connecticut History, a non-profit organization established to promote the scholarly study of Connecticut history, twice annually.

The reviewer, Joshua Truelove, Central Connecticut State University  said " The book's biggest strength is that it is meticulously researched and features a wealth of primary source material... Anyone interested in Connecticut or American Revolution history will find Darley's work useful."