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North Haven, CT

Voices from a Wilderness Expedition

The purpose of Voices from a Wilderness Expedition is to reawaken the now silent voices of the brave men who made this historic march from Cambridge to Quebec with Benedict Arnold in 1775.

It is not a chronological history of that expedition but rather provides details and new information about the lives of the men who participated and, equally important, the journals that recorded the hardships of the march. It provides significant new information on both the men and the journals that has never been published.

The book features the following: a comprehensive roster of 1125 names of officers and men, by company, who were on the expedition; first-ever bibliography of all printings of 30 journals written by participants; transcription of 6 previously unpublished journals, three of which were found in the University of Glasgow Library; new biographical information on Col. Roger Enos and Capts Hendricks, Hubbard, Hanchett, McCobb Williams and Goodrich; identification of name and history of Capt Scott, a previously unknown company commander.

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