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North Haven, CT

Unpublished Articles

Aaron Burr on the Expedition to Quebec

“Hostage to Fortune”: Benedict Arnold’s Invasion of Virginia in 1781

Defeat into Victory: Escaping the Trap at Valcour Island

The Painful Warrior by Dave Barry

Return of the Army Under the Command of the Late Major General Philips in the Expedition Up James River in Virginia

America’s First Amphibious Warrior: Benedict Arnold and His Revolutionary War Boats

Benedict Arnold House: Timeline

Early Account of the Expedition to Quebec Under Benedict Arnold from the Annual Register for the Year 1776

Actions of Enos’s Division: Leaving the Expedition Without Permission and Its Effect

Seven External Factors that Adversely Influenced Benedict Arnold’s 1775 Expedition to Quebec

From Painter to Ship Captain: The Unusual Journey of Captain Benjamin Rue of Bucks County Pennsylvania

Instructions by General Gates to General Arnold

Journal of Archibald Robertson

List of Prisoners Being Held in New York

Meigs Journal: Summary of Different Versions

Miles Morris Goodyear: Timeline in Connecticut

Narrative of Battle of Green Spring by Aaron Ogden

Report of Committee Re Oliver Hanchett’s Claim to State of Connecticut

Roster: General Return of Detachment Under Col. Benedict Arnold in Service of United Colonies Now at Point Aux Trembles

The Battle of Valcour Island: An American Navy on Lake Champlain

The Ludington Regiment, Sybil Ludington and the 1777 British Invasion of Connecticut

Table: Men Killed at the Battle of Ridgefield

Returning Without Permission: The Troubled Military Career of Roger Enos